How to Clean Your House Safely with Bleach

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How to Clean Your House Safely with Bleach

What surfaces can you clean with bleachWhen it comes to cleaning supplies, people used to keep things simple. Most homeowners relied on their scrub brush, bucket, and bleach to clean various areas. Some people overlook bleach due to a wide array of specialized cleaning products. However, it remains widely used since it’s an incredibly powerful tool for dealing with stubborn stains.

While it may be tempting to use bleach on any surface, the substance isn’t safe for certain areas around your home. It’s a strong formula that can damage certain finishes. For this reason, your dependable house cleaning professionals in Sweetwater Ranch, Scottsdale don’t recommend using it on all surfaces. Let’s where bleach is safe to use and explore a bunch of other handy tips!

What surfaces can you clean with bleach?

Whether eliminating sticky grease residue or removing grime from the shower with bleach, knowing if the surface can handle the abrasiveness of a cleaning substance is crucial. Vinegar can also be harmful, as well as many other cleaners, so choose your product wisely. Here are some of the surfaces where you can safely apply bleach:


Few things in your house can get as dirty as the toilet. To keep it clean, pour ¾ cup of regular household bleach into your bowl and scrub with your toilet brush. Let it rest for about 10 minutes and flush. This technique works great for hard water stains, too.

Bathroom tile grout

The grout around your shower and toilet will get dull over time. To whiten it, you can create a solution containing seven parts water and three parts bleach in a spray bottle. Apply the mixture and let it sit for a couple of minutes before scrubbing with a bristle brush or toothbrush. Finally, rinse and dry the surface with a cloth.

Bedsheets and duvet covers

Bleach can also be used to whiten your bedsheets and duvet covers. Use the hottest setting on your washing machine and soak the items in a mixture of one cup regular bleach and 20 gallons of water (a half-full washer). Make sure your sheets and covers are submerged and let them soak for around five minutes. Finally, wash them using hot water, detergent, and ½ cup bleach.

Does bleach need to be rinsed off?

Since bleach has corrosive properties, you should rinse it off whenever you’re cleaning with it. Otherwise, it can cause adverse effects to your body. For instance, if it reaches your eyes, they will get extremely painful and irritated. The substance can even permanently damage your vision and tissue.

Additionally, inhaling bleach can lead to lung damage. Once it gets inside your body, you may start feeling stinging in your nose, coughing, and experience lightheadedness.

To prevent such negative scenarios, always rinse the substance off. Plus, you should wear gloves while using bleach and maintain proper ventilation in the room.

Can I leave bleach in the toilet overnight?

Whether you can leave bleach in your toilet overnight depends on the amount used. A little bit of bleach should cause no harm. However, put a sign on the door that says that nobody should use the toilet until all the bleach is flushed.

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