Using Vinegar for Cleaning: Is It a Good Idea?

by marcus_s

Using Vinegar for Cleaning: Is It a Good Idea?

What can you not clean with vinegarMany people turn to vinegar as their go-to cleaning companion. It’s a powerful tool for removing stains, cleaning windows, freshening your laundry, and tackling other surfaces. Additionally, the substance is cheap and can usually be found in almost all households. However, vinegar is acidic and can damage certain materials.

For this reason, your dependable house cleaning services in Sweetwater Ranch recommend caution when cleaning with vinegar. To help you avoid risks when cleaning with this substance, we’ll give you a list of surfaces you can safely use it on and where you should avoid it. Read on for some great tips!

Is vinegar good for cleaning?

Whether tackling tough, sticky residue, restoring whiteness to the shower, or looking for alternatives to cleaning with household bleach, vinegar can be a valuable ally. It works on a large number of surfaces:


You can make glass cleaner using vinegar. Combine two parts vinegar and one part water in your spray bottle. Apply the mixture on glass objects and wipe it clean to remove streaks.


Since vinegar is a powerful natural disinfectant, you can use it to clean and disinfect your countertops following food preparation. For tough stains, add a couple of drops of dish soap to two parts vinegar and one part water.

You can also remove countertop odors with vinegar, but make sure to avoid using it on marble or granite since the acid can diminish the natural sheen. Use natural stone cleaners instead.


Vinegar also works great for removing calcium deposits on your fixtures and faucets. Combine one teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of vinegar and apply the solution to surfaces.

To eliminate stubborn stains, apply vinegar on faucets and fixtures, tie a bag around the item, and let it rest overnight. Scrub the surfaces and rinse the following morning.

Tubs and showers

Mildew and soap scum can be quite challenging to get rid of. Luckily, you can spray undiluted white vinegar on shower walls and tub. Let it sit for a few minutes and scrub.

What can you not clean with vinegar?

Apart from marble and granite countertops, try to avoid using vinegar on the following surfaces:

  • Waxed flooring and furniture: Cleaning waxed wooden surfaces repeatedly with vinegar can lead to finish deterioration.
  • Some parts of the dishwasher: The top rack of your dishwasher doesn’t get along well with vinegar since it can cause the rubber seal to wear away. If the rubber isn’t natural, go for a diluted solution.
  • Gadgets: Vinegar can damage the screen coating on your phones, tablets, and computers. Therefore, stick to cleaning solutions recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Any surface cleaned with bleach: Ammonia and bleach shouldn’t be mixed, and the same goes for vinegar and bleach. This combination releases chlorine vapors which can be toxic if inhaled. Make sure to separate your cleaning agents.

Do you have to rinse after cleaning with vinegar?

Since vinegar isn’t toxic, you don’t have to rinse after cleaning with it. However, it’s a good idea to rinse if you’re using the substance in unison with dish soap to get rid of any scum. In other cases, you’re good to go without rinsing.

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