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We’re locally owned and operated, with many years of considerable experience. Many of our loyal clients in Peoria and the vicinity have been consistently pleased with the home cleaning that we helped them book. This doesn’t stop us from continuously learning and improving our skills based on client feedback and suggestions. To justify the trust that you place in us, we put your satisfaction above everything else and make sure that they get exactly what they paid for. By using a detailed checklist and being transparent about our services, we ensure that you know what they can expect when they book an appointment.


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We respect your time and want to make your booking process as quick and easy as possible. You can book an appointment in only a few minutes by simply providing us with your personal information and payment details. Don’t worry, your payment information is safe with us and we won’t charge you until we’ve made sure that you’re fully satisfied with the service you paid for. Once you give us some basic information about your home and your expectations, we will be ready to connect you with experts in house cleaning from Peoria or another nearby area in Arizona. If you have any questions, call us and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you.


Matching you with the top maid services in Peoria

We carefully choose the experts we work with to make certain that they provide excellent results for our clients. Our detailed vetting process is structured in such a way that we only choose the best maids in the Peoria region to work with. We realize that the maids we dispatch need to be 100% reliable and trustworthy, as they will spend a lot of time in your personal space. In addition to that, you deserve to get a valuable, quality service for your money. This is why our company thoroughly trains and monitors the crews we work with. According to your feedback, which they take very seriously, they hone their skills to the best of their ability.

If you’re not happy – you get a full refund

We want to ensure our clients’ constant happiness with the maid services they get, which is why we provide a full refund in case you’re unsatisfied with what we promised to deliver. The Peoria maids we match you with follow a careful plan with a checklist to prevent any oversights. Still, you are welcome to call us in the 24 hours after the service if you noticed that something you agreed on wasn’t done up to your standards. We will send the expert back to fix the problem as soon as possible. If you still think that they failed to do an excellent job after all this, you have the right to get all of your money back.

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Maid Easy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find good house cleaners?

When looking for reliable maid services in Peoria and the surrounding areas, there are some key qualities that can show you that they are the right choice. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Trustworthiness: The maid will spend a lot of time in your home, which is why you need to be able to trust them. You can gain some trust by reading client reviews, but also by discussing your expectations with a referral agency that can match you to a suitable company.
  • Experience and skill: To fulfill your expectations, the experts need to be well-trained and seasoned. The best ones have multiple years of experience and a large number of happy clients.
  • Excellent client reviews: Look for positive client reviews on the company website. That way you can see what kind of experience other clients have had with the company that you’re considering.

Do house cleaners bring their own supplies?

Any maid worth their salt will bring their own professional supplies, which are typically included in the price. A true expert will have a number of tried-and-true tools and products that can provide the best house cleaning service and make your home in the Peoria region shine.

Should I leave the house when the cleaners come?

This is entirely up to you. Some clients prefer to be there and oversee the crew’s progress. Others feel better when they leave the house to run errands because they like to stay productive.

Most clients, however, love to use this time to unwind in nature. Whether you choose Paloma Community Park or something further away, it will feel great to be able to relax and come back in a few hours to a fresh and tidy house.

Should I tip my cleaner?

The decision to tip or not largely depends on your personal attitude to tipping. According to typical tipping etiquette, it’s expected that you tip the maids at least 10 or 20 $ per cleaning appointment in Peoria, AZ.

Some homeowners like to save this for holidays, especially Christmas when they will often provide the cleaner with accumulated tips from the previous period. You can also decide not to tip, as cultural norms and expectations are changing and tipping is not as necessary as it used to be.

Where in Peoria AZ can I find a reliable house cleaning service?

If you’re not sure who to call for a full cleanup of your home, your best local option is to reach out to our experts at Maid Easy and have us connect you to a perfect match. The well-experienced and reliable, with skills to match you with local cleaners of the best quality.

The crews we connect our clients with are trustworthy and have many happy clients who regularly use their home cleaning to prove it. In addition to operating across Peoria, we offer detailed house cleaning in Desert Ridge, as well as thorough residential cleaning services in Ahwatukee.

Feel free to schedule your appointment through us in only a few minutes via our accessible online booking system. If you prefer scheduling via phone or have any additional questions, call us and one of our friendly staff will assist you with whatever you may need.

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