Our Cleaning Checklist

Our multi-point checklist delivers a thorough cleaning every visit.

Our Multi-Point Checklist

What’s included in your house cleaning service?

Our cleans are calculated based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want cleaned. In addition, all living areas and the kitchen will be made sparkling too. We do our best to ensure that you get the same cleaner every time.

Standard Clean
Deep Clean
Moving Clean
All Rooms
Pre-treat Mold & Mildew
Empty & Replace Liners In Trash Bin(s)
High dust cobwebs, vents, fixtures
High dust ceiling fans, picture frames, blinds & drapes
Low dust furniture, tabletops, electronics
Low dust decor baseboards & doorframes
Low dust Window Ledges & Window Tracks
Wipe Under Surface Top Appliances & Decor Items
Dust, Wipe & Sanitize All Flat Surfaces and Edges
Streak-free Shine Glass
Polish All Stainless Steel, Metal/Reflective Surfaces
Sanitize All High Touch Areas
Sanitize Light Switches, Knobs, Handles & Door Frames
Vacuum Floors, Carpet & Rugs incl. Closet Space & Stairs
Mop Floors incl. Closet Space & Stairs
Wet Detail Baseboards
Wet Detail Doors & Door Frames
Wet Detail Walls
Sanitize Inside Closet Shelves
Wipe Down Blinds
Clean Windows
Bedrooms & Living Spaces
Dust Surfaces incl. Inside & Under Lamps & Decor
Make Beds (Change Linens If Left Out)
Vacuum Couches & Chairs
Fluff Pillows & Cushions
Clean Cabinet Exteriors
Clean Backsplash
Clean Inside/Outside of Microwave
Sanitize/Degrease Stove Top & Overhead Fan
Sanitize/Degrease Inside Oven Window
Sanitize Refrigerator Exterior
Sanitize Dishwasher Exterior
Polish Stainless Steel (If Applicable)
Scrub & Clean Sink(s)
Fill & Run Dishwasher
Heavy Degreasing
Heavy Mineral/Calcification Removal
Sanitize/Degrease Inside Stove
Sanitize Inside Refrigerator
Degrease Inside Oven
Sanitize Inside Cabinets
Remove Lint & Dust From Shower/Tub
Shower/Tub Sanitize & Mineral/Calcification Removal
Sanitize Inside Toilet Bowl
Sanitize Sink Bowl
Sanitize Outside Toilet
Sanitize Floor Around Toilet
Sanitize/Polish mirror
Sanitize Countertops
Neatly arrange toilet paper (If Applicable)
Arrange, organize, or hang towels (If Applicable)
Heavy Mineral/Calcification Removal
Clean Inside All Cabinets Incl. Medicine Cabinet
Add These Extras to Your Cleaning
Natural Stone
Clean interior windows within reach
Clean inside refrigerator and freezer (If empty)
Clean inside the Oven
Clean Inside Cabinets (If empty)
Detail Walls
Wet Detail Baseboards & Door Frames
Wet Detail Blinds
Not-included In Your Services

What is not included?

Due to health, safety, and insurance reasons there are certain types of work we cannot do;

Our cleans are calculated based on the total square footage, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms you want to be cleaned. In addition, all living areas, and the kitchen will be made sparkling too. We do our best to ensure you get the same cleaner every time.

  • Moving heavy items above 25 pounds
  • Outdoor work
  • Removal of pet / human bodily fluids
  • Infestation removal
  • Balconies, decks, backyards, and exterior windows
  • Wiping areas beyond the reach of our cleaning professionals
  • Dusting of areas beyond the reach of our telescopic poles (16 ft.)
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