How to Make Your Home Less Dusty

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How to Make Your Home Less Dusty

Why is my house so dustyDust is a pain in the neck for any homeowner. Sometimes, it accumulates so much that you need comprehensive house cleaning services in McCormick Ranch, Scottsdale to step in. But whether you get the professionals to do the work or you want to take on the job yourself, removing dust from your house is a must. This way, you’ll make your home look much nicer and lower the chance of health issues.

If you wish to find out how to get rid of dust in your home, you’ve come to the right place! Skilled cleaning professionals are here to guide you through the process every step of the way.

But first, we’ll mention some of the most common causes of dust build-up in an average household.

Why is my house so dusty?

If you don’t clean your house, it can lead to many unpleasant consequences. For instance, your sheets can become home to numerous allergens and cause related health problems. But one of the first effects is dust build-up. If you’re not sure why your house has so much dust, here are some potential culprits:

Cheap HVAC filters

Large air filters mounted behind your house’s return air vents serve as defense against dust. However, not every filter is as effective as necessary. Inexpensive filters contain larger holes that allow more dust to enter your home through cooling and heating vents.

Air filters have ratings that tell you their efficiency. The range of the rating scale is from one to 16. When choosing your HVAC air filter, try to get one with a rating of at least 13. Lower-rated devices are simply not as good.

Dusty carpets

Particles from the air can settle into your carpet fibers and massively contribute to the amount of dust in your home. Vacuuming the house frequently can minimize the dust as long as you’re doing it properly and not recirculating particles back into your living space. This happens if your vacuum cleaner has an inefficient dust-trapping system. If so, you should switch to a device with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that can trap up to 99% of debris and dust.


Even if your dogs or cats are shorthaired, they shed skin flakes and fur. Their pet dander can make your home more dusty, especially if there’s more than one pet.

How can I make my house less dusty?

We’ve already mentioned two ways of reducing dust (better HVAC and vacuum filters). But there are some other measures you can take to get rid of dust:

Use the right dusting technique

When dusting and cleaning any of your rooms, make sure you’re using a microfiber duster or cloth to trap more dust. If you’re using a rag, lightly dampen it.

Don’t forget to always dust surfaces from top to bottom, which means that you should tackle higher areas first. Also, wipe down your walls using a damp cloth at least once per month.

Use air purifiers

There are various air purifiers that can reduce dust in your home. Some models have filters, such as HEPA and carbon filters, that are designed to trap dust and other particulates.

Groom pets in a clean area

To avoid dust build-up caused by brushing and petting your furry friends, make sure to groom them in an easy-to-clean area. You can do it outside or in the bathroom and you’ll notice a dramatic difference when it comes to pet dander on your carpets and furniture.

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How can I make my house less dustyHow many times have you suddenly started sneezing or coughing in your home? The most likely culprit is the layers of dust in your homes triggering your allergies. Luckily, you can easily prevent this, all without having to postpone fun times at the Great Wolf Lodge.

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