How a Dirty House Can Affect Your Health

by marcus_s

How a Dirty House Can Affect Your Health

What will happen if we don’t clean the houseYou may think that the main downside of a dirty house is its unsightly appearance. However, all the dirt and mess can result in a much more severe problem – a large number of sicknesses brought about by a dirty home. But how exactly can a dirty house have an adverse effect on your well-being?

In this article, your dependable house cleaning professionals in Gainey Ranch, Scottsdale are back with more invaluable insight. Read on to find out what health problems a dirty house can cause, as this will instantly make you want to start dealing with the dust and grime in your home.

What will happen if we don’t clean the house?

There are numerous consequences of failing to clean your home regularly. Some of them include:

Dust mites will multiply

Dust mites feed on dead skin cells you and your household members shed throughout the day. They live in carpets, bedding, furniture, and even your stuffed animals. If you don’t clean these areas from dust mites, they will multiply and cause a number of health issues.

Mold will start developing

Mold grows in moist areas all over your house. You can find it in your tile and grout, under the kitchen sink, in the basement, on your window sills, in the laundry room, and any other moist place. Therefore, you can expect that mold will start thriving in your home unless you take care of it.

Bed sheets will give off a bad odor

Since bed sheets can collect dirt, oil, and other forms of filth, regular cleaning is a must. This is especially true if you’re sick and you hit the sack without taking a shower or if you sleep with no clothes on.

Your fridge turns into a biohazard

You shouldn’t simply push your leftovers to the back of your fridge and not throw them away. Otherwise, the fridge becomes an ideal breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and germs. In addition, the smell can get repugnant.

Colonies of bugs settle in your home

If you fail to do your basic everyday duties, such as taking out the trash, bugs are much more likely to move in. This way, bugs will start feeding on the spoilage in your trash, and make your kitchen smell terrible.

If doing any of these chores seems overwhelming, adopting an efficient, time-saving cleaning schedule might be a way out. Housework will come much easier once you’ve organized yourself and your time properly using a simple cleaning routine. You can also get your family to do some cleaning and help you breeze through the work.

Can a dirty house make you sick?

Can a dirty house make you sick
A dirty house can trigger a number of health issues. If the above-mentioned situations take place in your home, here are some of the symptoms you can expect to see:

  • Allergic reactions: Dust mites are well-known allergens. If you’re allergic to these critters, the symptoms can range from a runny nose to asthma and breathing difficulties.
  • Chest tightness and shortness of breath: Mold is the primary cause of these conditions. Prolonged exposure can lead to severe conditions, such as fungal sinusitis.
  • Food poisoning: If the rotten leftovers in your fridge contaminate otherwise healthy food, you’re running a risk of contracting salmonella and other related bacteria.

With this in mind, addressing the state of your home shouldn’t be that daunting. After all, knowing that you’re eliminating germs may be the strongest source of motivation for cleaning.

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