How to Get Your Family Members to Start Cleaning

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How to Get Your Family Members to Start Cleaning

How do I motivate my family to clean my houseSometimes, there can be so much cleaning to do that you don’t have the energy to do it all by yourself. In this case, it would be immensely helpful if you had a few helping hands. And who better to turn to than your family members!

However, you’ll first need to find a way to motivate your family to join your cleaning efforts. To help you make them pitch in, your go to house cleaning services in Gainey Ranch Scottsdale will provide some quick and easy tips. Read on!

How do I motivate my family to clean my house?

Your family should take part in cleaning for many reasons. First, if they sit idle, they risk getting sick in a dirty house if no one does any housework. Also, they can get into a habit of never doing any chores, leaving all the work to you.

Here’s how to motivate them to pick up the slack:

Stop cleaning up after your children

The first thing you need to do is to stop cleaning your kids’ rooms. If your children are old enough to clean up after themselves, let them do so.

Parents often clean their children’s’ rooms even if they are teenagers or adults. You should stop doing this, as it will help your children realize that they can do it on their own.

Make cleaning a fun activity

Present cleaning to your family as a non-toilsome activity. To do so, put their favorite music on in the background. Also, include fun games, such as searching for missing items in the house and see who can find them first. Another great idea is to have your children compete who can clean their room faster.

Create incentives

Including rewards is a reliable way of inspiring yourself to clean, as well as your family members. For instance, you can increase your kids’ allowance, extend their bedtime, or treat your spouse to a romantic dinner.

Take a couple of days off from cleaning

As much as it may sound like a bad idea, stop cleaning your house for a day or two. This is an effective way to motivate your family since it will very likely make them understand the importance of cleaning.

Namely, once your spouse can’t find their work report, and your kids can’t locate their jeans due to all the clutter, you’ll get the message across. They will appreciate your work and become more responsible.

How do you split household duties?

Having a time-saving cleaning plan should definitely include splitting household duties. It’s the simplest way to reduce the workload of one person and clean the house more quickly. This is how to do it:

Determine everyone’s preferences

Primarily, you should see who likes to do what. Don’t force anyone to do a chore they detest. Instead, assign tasks according to your family members’ preferences to increase their productivity. For example, if your spouse can’t stand germs, cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom may be an ideal job for them.

Make compromises

Inevitably, there will be tasks no one likes to do. In these cases, split the jobs evenly or do them together to limit the drudgery.

Consider your schedules

If your spouse has a busy week, don’t force them to do too much work. Help them out and expect them to do the same when your schedule is packed.

Also, if your children are studying for a big test, don’t let house cleaning get in the way. Let them focus on studying and they’ll be more available when schoolwork allows it.

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