How to Clean Your Living Room to Perfection

by maideasyaz - September 1, 2020

The living room is the focal point of every house. As such, it is also the busiest room, which is why it tends to get quite cluttered and messy. It can be difficult to restore order to the room, but in order to ensure a pleasant atmosphere both for you and your visitors, maintaining the cleanliness of your living room is a must.

Breezing through a chore is not a possibility reserved only for jobs such as proper bathroom disinfection or detailed kitchen sanitization. There’s a simple way to make your living room sparkle as well, and your trustworthy home cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ are about to spell out the process. Read on!

What is the easiest way to clean a living room?How do you deep clean a living room

If you’re on a tight schedule, it’s extremely useful to know how to clean the living room quickly and easily. Here’s a time-saving way to do it:

Take out the trash and declutter

Go around your living room and pick up any trash you come across. Additionally, put clothes back where they belong and remove any items that are out of place. If there’s anything you don’t need anymore, just take it out with the rest of the trash.

Dust surfaces

Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to deal with fingerprints and remove dust from surfaces such as your coffee table, TV and shelves. Always begin from the highest spots and work your way down to prevent dust from settling in areas you previously covered.

Clean the ceiling fan and light fixtures

To reach your fan and light fixtures, take your vacuum with a brush attachment and use the lowest setting. Alternatively, use a long, extending duster as this will enable you to work your way around the fixture and be more thorough.

Vacuum drapes, blinds and the floor

You should also use the lowest setting and a brush attachment for your drapes and blinds. Clean the surfaces carefully, and move on to the floor to finish things up.

How do you deep clean a living room?

Now that the initial layers of dust and dirt are gone, you can move on to deep cleaning the living room. The method closely resembles the one applied in effective bedroom deep cleaning and here’s how it goes:

Wash the windows

Combine 1-2 teaspoons of dish detergent into a bucket of warm water. Use the solution to scrub down the windows and squeegee off the suds horizontally. You can also use this mixture on mirrors.

Polish the furniture

Apart from buying furniture polish, you can make your own consisting of four parts olive oil and one part white vinegar. Then, spot test the polish to see if it harms the surface. If you’re good to go, spray the mixture onto your furniture and work it until the area shines.

Shampoo carpets and rugs

Normally, hiring a cleaning service to deep clean your carpets professionally is your best course of action. However, you could also rent a carpet cleaner and do the job yourself.

First, vacuum your carpets thoroughly. Second, divide the carpet into sections and clean each one slowly and carefully in a side-to-side pattern. Finally, place some towels on the carpets to get them to dry faster.

How long does it take to clean a living room? What is the easiest way to clean a living room

Naturally, the time it takes to clean your living room depends on its size and how messy it is. In general, you should be able to carry out the task in about an hour. If this sounds a bit too long, putting on some music as you work will make the cleaning seem much shorter and less tedious.

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