Unwanted Guests? Learn How To Remove Cobwebs And Keep Spiders Away

by marcus_s

Unwanted Guests? Learn How To Remove Cobwebs And Keep Spiders Away

Cobwebs seem inoffensive, but they sure make your house look dirty and sometimes scary. Not only that, when you clean your home, they seem to come back regardless of how much you try.

Do you want to know how to remove cobwebs effortlessly and drive the spiders away? Keep reading for an easy method and a few tips on preventing more cobwebs.

What’s the deal with cobwebs in my home?

Without turning this blog post into a lecture, all you need to know about cobwebs is simple: Home spiders have abandoned their nests, and you only notice them until they trap enough dust and dirt that finally make them visible. Therefore, don’t wait until the cobwebs are old and dusty; remove all you can find.

How to remove cobwebs effortlessly

Taking care of cobwebs is so easy, as long as you have the right tool. For most scenarios, your trusty duster is enough to catch the webs under the furniture and between knick-knacks. However, some spots are harder to reach, like ceilings. Here are a couple of tools you can try:

  • Lint roller: You might have an extended duster to trap cobwebs from high places, but what about “popcorn” ceilings? If you find yourself in this predicament, grab a lint roller and tape it to a large pole—pretty handy!
  • Paint roller: Another effective way to remove the cobwebs is wrapping duct tape around a paint roller. Attach the tool to an extended pole, and you’ll be ready to trap the cobwebs.

How do I keep the spiders at bay?

Since removing the cobwebs is straightforward, your greatest effort will be in preventing these arachnids from setting camp again.

Don’t have your plants too close to home

Spiders use trees and bushes as bridges into your house. Prevent these visitors by keeping bushes well trimmed, and place your plants at least one foot apart from your windows.

Cover the small entrances

Any hole or open space in your home is a gateway to spiders. So, check the crevices on walls, doors, and window frames, and seal them up!

Make a repellent

Spiders hate certain natural smells, so you can try a couple of repellents to drive them away. Here are two of our favorites:

  • Tea tree oil and soap spray. Add 5-10 drops of essential oil into a 16oz spray bottle, and pour a little squirt of dish soap (for better oil-water mixing). Shake well and spray throughout your home.
  • Peppermint plants. If you don’t want to follow a recipe, planting mint outside your home, especially under your windows, is an excellent idea. Unlike other plants that let spiders jump into your home, the strong smell of peppermint will surely keep them at bay!

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