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Everything included in your Maid Easy Cleaning


  • Included in every room we:

    • Wipe countertops & outside of cabinets including handles and sills
    • Clean visible surfaces of dust & debris
    • Lightly straighten & organize
    • Empty trash and or recycling bin and replace bag
    • Vacuum, sweep, Swiffer or hand clean tile/floors including corners and edges
    • Vacuum and dust carpets and rugs
    • Clean doorknobs and handles
    • Clean light switches
    • Dust ceiling fans
    • Dust lamps and lamp shades (no bulbs)
    • Clean window ledges & tracks
    • Dust baseboards, door frames, banisters & rails
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Clean and polish stainless steel
    • Clean and buff all mirrors and glass
  • In your kitchen we:

    • Gather all dishes & glassware from around the house
    • Wash, dry, and put dishes away
    • Clean and degrease countertop appliances
    • Clean countertop & backsplash
    • Clean refrigerator (outside)
    • Clean tabletops and chairs
    • Clean and degrease stove top, under burners, controls, range hood, and outside of oven
    • Clean inside and out of microwave
    • Clean and polish the sink, taps, and faucets
  • In your bathroom we:

    • Clean sink, counter, shower, and tub
    • Polish the sink, taps, and faucets
    • Clean soap dish, dispenser, and other countertop items
    • Clean inside and outside the toilet, including the base, the lids, the back and the plumbing
    • Clean shower doors
    • Change toilet paper if necessary
    • Neatly hang or fold all towels
    • Clean wooden and plastic/vacuum carpet bath mats and floor covers
  • In your living room & common areas we:

    • Dust/vacuum furniture
    • Fluff and organize pillows
    • Fold and stack blankets and throws
    • Clean tables, end tables, and chairs
    • Clean & dust decor and knick-knacks
  • In the bedroom we:

    • Neatly make the bed (change linen upon request)
    • Fold and place clothing on hangers
    • Pick up and tidy the area
    • Fold blankets, arrange pillows, etc.

  • Need more services? We can handle that.

        • Inside the fridge – We’ll remove your racks/trays clean them, and put them back. Refrigerator must be empty.
        • Inside the oven – Scrub-off burnt-on food. Take out racks/trays and deep clean them. We will NOT run the self-cleaning cycle.
        • Eco-cleaning – We’ll use certified green, eco-safe, and family-friendly cleaning products to clean your home. These products are free of harsh chemicals, dyes, and synthetic ingredients.
        • Inside windows – We will clean and shine your interior windows to a spotless finish. This does not include exterior windows.
        • Inside cabinets – We’ll clean all the inside surfaces and shelves. Cabinets must be empty.
        • Walls
        • Load of laundry – We will wash and dry one load of laundry. Then we’ll neatly fold, put away, and hang any garments.
        • Pet services – We will vacuum pet fur and dander from the floor, and clean it off of furniture and upholstery. We will NOT clean animal waste.
        • Clean blinds – We will clean blinds of dust and dirt
        • Baseboards and door frames – We will vacuum and wipe down baseboards and door frames
        • Deep cleaning – If it’s been 30 days or more since your last cleaning, we STRONGLY suggest a deep cleaning.
          In every room, it gives our team extra time to:
          deep clean window sills
          dust curtains & drapes
          clean smudges on and around light switches & outlets
          dust and deep clean reachable vents & ceiling fans

          In the bathroom, it gives our team extra time to:
          deep clean sinks, tubs, showers, and tile
          deep clean shelves


      • Move in/move out – Includes everything in a deep cleaning + more!
        INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING ADD-ONS (Great value!):
        baseboards & door frames
        inside fridge
        inside the oven
        inside cabinets
        wipe down blinds

        In every room, it gives our team extra time to:

        clean inside drawers & cabinets (must be empty)
        vacuum/sweep/Swiffer under areas previously covered by heavy furniture
        deep clean baseboards & door frames
        clean blinds

        In the bathroom, it gives our team extra time to:
        deep clean inside drawers & in the medicine cabinet
        This is the service you order to get your deposit back.


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