Finding the Best Maid Service in Phoenix, Arizona

by marcus_s

Finding the Best Maid Service in Phoenix, Arizona

What should a cleaning lady doFighting the daily battle with so many chores and responsibilities that follow us wherever we go is no easy feat. Have you finally decided to entrust the care of your precious home to a cleaning company? It’s only natural to want the best of the best to clean your home. Hopefully, the following points will help you select the superior cleaning service, and meet the finest maid service in Phoenix fully prepared.

Let’s start from the beginning:

Why should you hire a cleaning service?

The first question that naturally comes to mind when thinking about booking a cleaning service is: why should you do it? There are numerous benefits to hiring professional cleaners. For starters, it saves your valuable time and energy.

Imagine coming home on a sunny day. You just want to take a stroll through the lovely Papago Park, spend time with family or friends, or do anything else that’s close to your heart. You certainly don’t want to spend the day cleaning. If you hire professionals, you could do just that, and still have a spotless home.

Another big reason why this is a great idea lies in the fact that expert maids do it better. Their experience and insight in anything cleaning-related gives them a huge advantage. They’ll properly sanitize the space, using the most adequate cleaning products, so you can rest assured you and your family live in a healthy environment.

In short, professional maids will make your home cleaner than ever, while you get to enjoy your freedom. Isn’t that amazing? “Sure, but what does a cleaner actually do?”, you might ask. That’s a really good question.

What should a cleaning lady do?

When booking maid services for the first time, a question that crosses everyone’s mind is: what exactly does a maid do? Usually, there are a variety of cleaning services which you can choose from, depending on your cleaning needs. It’d be wise to agree on the exact terms of service beforehand, so there is no miscommunication or confusion later.

Some of the basic house cleaning tasks include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, etc. Maids will clean all appointed areas of your home and leave them neat and tidy.

A very helpful thing to have is a cleaning lady checklist, because it literally lists what is expected from cleaners. You should make your requests clear in advance, to avoid any problems, and bear in mind that a house cleaner is not the same as a housekeeper.

There are certain services house cleaners won’t do, such as shopping, laundry, or pet care, unless you agree upon these as a separate service. A good cleaning company will make sure the service is customized to match your requirements, as well as assist you if you’re uncertain as to how often do you need a housekeeper.

Should house cleaners be insured and bonded?

Should house cleaners be insuredAlways hire insured and bonded house cleaners. Whether they’ve been bonded is of utmost importance, especially in the event of damages, spillages, breakages or loss of property. If they are bonded, you are protected against loss as well. Accidents happen, and if your property is destroyed, a maid who is not bonded isn’t legally responsible.

Worse yet, if the maid doesn’t have insurance but gets hurt while cleaning your home, your finances would suffer even more: you might have to pay their medical bills. If you hire an individual maid or a self-employed house cleaner, you are putting yourself at risk, as they might not be insured and bonded.

Many organizations in the cleaning industry, such as ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, help educate people in the cleaning business. They promote a healthy lifestyle, search for innovative solutions and improve standards in the cleaning industry, raising the level of professionalism.

Where to find the top-notch cleaning service?

The answer to this question has never been easier: you’ll find the most amazing maid service in Phoenix, and our name is Maid Easy. You can rest assured our experienced and attentive maids will tackle any cleaning challenge, and leave your home sparkling clean. Remember the scary financial risks we mentioned? No need to worry, because all our cleaners are insured and bonded. Give us a call, and witness the magic as we turn your house into a dream home.

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