Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

by maideasyaz - July 30, 2021

Moving out of a house or apartment can be pretty daunting. You need to find a new home, arrange transportation, and pack up your belongings. Due to all the stress and commotion, you may forget about a crucial task – tidying up the place before relocating. This job is especially important if you don’t own the property since it’s key to getting your security deposit back. 

That is why you’ll need to go through each room thoroughly, and the leading move-out cleaning experts in Phoenix, AZ are here to guide you through the process. Read on for some time-saving tips! 

What should you clean before moving out? 

Move-out chores can be quite challenging. Whether you’re cleaning your home thoroughly in the summer before the move, or performing smaller tasks, such as removing excess dirt from your oven to leave it clean, relocating makes things a lot harder. 

We know that you’d rather focus on finding a new place instead of cleaning and sanitizing your possessions before moving. Still, you need to complete this task, and here’s how to do it: 

Wash the windows 

Use a glass or window cleaner to clean windows. Spray the solution onto the surface and wipe using a lint-free cloth to prevent streaks. In addition, dust the areas between sliding tracks, locks, and handles. 

Remove cobwebs 

Use a vacuum or broom to remove any cobwebs. For popcorn ceiling, you can dampen a thick-nap roller over the surface to get rid of cobwebs and dust. Unlike a broom, it won’t knock down the pieces on the finish. 

Clean the blinds 

Find an old pair of socks and wear one like a glove. Moisten it and run your hand across the blinds to tackle dust. This method also works wonders for heaters. 

Tackle baseboards and walls 

Use your vacuum with a brush attachment to eliminate any dust on your trim or baseboards. To deal with stains on walls, use a microfiber cloth and an adequate cleaner for the finish. 

Focus on the kitchen and the bathroom 

There are several areas of your kitchen and your bathroom that require special attention. Here’s what you should clean in the kitchen: 

  • The fridge and cabinet tops 
  • Crown molding 
  • Window sills 
  • Drawer insides and cabinet shelves 
  • Freezer 
  • Oven
  • Tile grout 
  • Drip pans

Cleaning the bathroom should be a bit easier: 

  • All sections of the toilet, including the back 
  • Mirror 
  • The tub or shower 
  • The sink and the storage area underneath

Move on to the carpets 

Carpet stains are a common occurrence. Whether you’re dealing with coffee or food stains, you can use a commercial cleaner. Apply it on the carpet and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Blot the stains with a microfiber cloth until they’re gone. 

Clean the floors 

Don’t forget to vacuum and mop your floors before moving out, too. This should be the last task on your move-out cleaning checklist since dust and various chemicals will have likely fallen on the floors during other chores. As you’re cleaning, tell your family members not to walk on the floor until it’s completely dry and keep your pets in another room. 

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