Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service

by marcus_s

Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service

House chores can take up a lot of our time, so much so that sometimes it seems we got stuck with a second job we never asked for. But someone has to do it. After a long and busy day, it’s natural to feel exhausted and want nothing but a little bit of rest, or want nothing more than to spend your precious free moments doing something fun. This is why hiring a maid service could be a wise choice.

Booking a maid service in Phoenix, AZ, has many advantages, saving time and energy probably being the biggest ones. Besides, a professional approach will top any cleaning you could do yourself. Not only will you not have to clean, but also have a house that’s cleaner than ever, because expert cleaners know their stuff.

In this post we’ll try to answer some of the burning questions when it comes to house cleaning. Let’s start from the beginning:

How can I get motivated to clean my room?

The place where we spend the largest part of our day, besides the office, or school, is our home. Home is our sanctuary, a safe space that welcomes us every day, where we can relax and enjoy some leisure time. That’s why it’s very important to create a pleasant and healthy living environment.

But what if you simply don’t feel motivated? You want your room to look perfect, but can’t seem to do anything about it, or know where to begin. Maybe you’d prefer to hire a professional to do the cleaning for you, but you’re not quite sure what to expect from a maid service.

As they say: motivation is the key to success. Especially when there is a tedious or unpleasant task at hand, which you can’t even bear to think about, let alone do. Cleaning can be extremely time-consuming, and drain one’s energy in minutes. You don’t want to end up postponing it indefinitely, so you need to find the inspiration to get it all done. It’s usually helpful to decide on a starting point, and make a list of necessary steps. Keep reading for some of our suggestions.

6 steps to finding motivation to clean your room

Make it the morning thing

It is a universally acknowledged truth that the most difficult tasks of the day will be done faster if they’re scheduled at the beginning of the day. Not only will you feel more energized and ready to clean, but you’ll also have this amazing sense of accomplishment throughout the remainder of your day.

Create a mental image

When you’re having trouble starting, visualisation of the result can often help. Take a good look at your room, imagine it the way you want it to be: all clean and tidy, and you’ll find yourself eager to make it happen.

Start with baby steps

How do I clean up my room?

Setting a simple goal in the beginning is a great idea. The most difficult part of cleaning is to get started, especially when it’s been a long time since you’ve done it. Piles of things that keep staring in your direction are not very helpful either. But once you begin, there’ll be no stopping you.

Not everything can be done at once, so don’t worry if it takes a bit longer. Give yourself time, and things will get done, one by one. Keep in mind that small progress is better than no progress at all.

Stick to your schedule

Keeping a cleaning schedule will help you clean more effectively. For example, schedule an hour each week during which you’ll commit to cleaning. When that hour’s up, you can decide if you feel like cleaning some more, or not. This way you’ll fall into a good routine.

Try making a list of cleaning tasks to follow, to achieve maximum results in speed and efficiency. Doing some research beforehand would make a world of difference, especially if you own items that are tricky to clean. What’s more, you could pick up some tips on cleaning methods that’ll make the whole process much easier and less frustrating.

Don’t get distracted

Nowadays, staying focused on work (or anything, really) might be one of the biggest challenges facing mankind. So many distractions are screaming for our attention every moment of every day, most of them coming from our smartphones, or laptops. Don’t get dragged into it. Instead, turn off anything and everything that might disrupt your productivity. Hide your phone from yourself, perhaps under a pile of clothes that you’ll leave for last. Maybe just leave the music on. Which brings us to the next step:

Have your own private cleaning party

Cleaning can actually be quite fun, if you choose to make it so. Picture playing your favourite tune while dancing around the room with the duster doing its thing. It almost doesn’t seem like cleaning at all. Furthermore, this way you get rid of not only dust, but all the stress too. Isn’t that a great bonus?

How do I clean up my room?

For starters, get ready for action by equipping the necessary cleaning products and tools such as cleaning cloths, vacuum cleaner etc. A little planning can go a long way, ensuring faster results. How often will your house need cleaning will depend on the frequency and quality of the cleaning.

Good organization does half the work for you, and you’ll find you can finish mundane tasks such as making your bed, putting things back to their allotted places, throwing out the garbage, dusting, vacuuming etc. pretty quickly, if you’re on a mission.

Reward yourself for a job well done. The sooner you finish the cleaning, the sooner you can go out for a meal, or perhaps enjoy a hike to Camelback Mountain.

Should you clean your house everyday?

How can I get motivated to clean my room

Not all cleaning chores are the same, some are more demanding than others, requiring a longer, or more detailed cleaning. If you want to keep your home nice and tidy, we’d recommend making a plan of attack according to the task at hand.

Regular daily cleanings are well advised for certain surfaces such as kitchen counters and sinks. Kitchen is where you deal with food, so, naturally, sweeping its floor on a daily basis is a good idea. Try to vacuum your house at least once a week, and more often if you have pets.

Chores like cleaning the inside of your microwave, changing your bedding, etc. should be done weekly, while the bigger undertakings such as deep-cleaning carpets and windows can be done once a year.

The best maid service in Phoenix, Arizona

If you’re fighting a fierce battle for a little bit of free time, and cannot seem to get out of your busy schedule, all the world’s motivation probably won’t be enough to make you clean. Remember, hiring a cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ, can be immensely beneficial, especially since it allows you to save time and energy. You already know professionals do it better, but choosing a superior quality cleaning service in Phoenix is not a small feat. Here at Maid Easy we’re inspired to deliver flawlessly and enhance your domestic life. Give us a call at your disposal! No pun intended.

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