A Clean Home with No Time: How to Make It Work

by marcus_s

A Clean Home with No Time: How to Make It Work

The exhausting fast pace of today’s life must be wearing you down. You find it nearly impossible to strike the right balance between your work and family obligations, and still have some leisure time to wind down. In such a chaotic environment, you are often forced to neglect an essential part of your life – your housework. Fortunately, the preeminent Chandler, AZ maids are here to step in and show you how to maintain a clean home with little time.

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How do you keep your house clean with no time?

If your daily schedule leaves you with no time to take care of house cleaning, don’t be discouraged. There are still many time-saving strategies you can start implementing in your routine which will keep your home clean and won’t get in the way of your other duties.

Try to clean a little each day

You might believe that you need huge chunks of time to clean your home in one go. Luckily, you can take a different, more straightforward approach – cleaning a little each day.

It’s up to you how you decide to tackle this task. You could clean one room top to bottom per day (Monday – bedroom, Tuesday – living room, etc.) or, do a single chore in all of the rooms every day (vacuuming on Wednesdays, dusting on Fridays). Whatever you choose, it won’t take you much time at all, and you will still manage to clean your home.

Clean as you go

This method is rather simple and involves doing small assignments that nonetheless contribute to the overall cleanliness. Pick up your clothes and neatly fold them instead of leaving them on the floor or on the couch. Clean your kitchen counters, or do the dishes while the food is in the oven. Basically, whenever you notice something dirty or untidy you can clean relatively quickly, don’t leave it for later.


The more items and décor you have, the longer the cleaning process. So, take a tour around your house as soon as possible and see which objects you have no use for, and are there just to collect dust. It doesn’t matter whether you give them away or throw them in a trash can, as long as they are not there to make your cleaning more arduous than it has to be.

How can I keep my house clean if I work full time?

Of course, your busy workweek leaves you with limited breathing space to focus on cleaning. You need to make the most of the time available, and the following suggestions will help you achieve that.

Set your priorities

If there is a large number of cleaning tasks to be done in your home, you will need to sort them according to their importance to you. For example, if you find the bathroom paramount, take care of it first, and leave other rooms and areas for another day, or even week. Doing so, the procedure will be divided and much easier to handle.

Get your family to clean

It goes without saying that cleaning with the help of more people will greatly expedite the process. Who better to give you a hand than your family? Having in mind their weekly schedule, you can decide when each family member gets to perform their assignments. Don’t be afraid of involving your children, as this will instill in them diligence and a sense of duty.

Keep your cleaning supplies close to where you can use them

This will also help you get through the cleaning much more quickly. For instance, you should always have a microfiber cloth, a toilet scrub brush, and a multi-purpose cleaner in your bathroom. Additionally, putting a bottle of bleach in your kitchen, as well as several other rooms is quite handy, considering the versatility of bleach for cleaning purposes.

Top-notch Chandler, AZ maids will make your life easier

All in all, there are ways to keep your house clean even with so little time at your disposal. However, if you feel that you have exhausted all the possibilities, booking professionals is the best course of action. Maid Easy can send you only the finest cleaning experts who will take care of all the housework for you.

You will finally have plenty of time to enjoy your favorite activities, and take a break from all the onerous responsibilities. The fabulous dance shows at Mesa Arts Center will surely captivate you.

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