The Ultimate Guide for Impeccable Countertops

by marcus_s

The Ultimate Guide for Impeccable Countertops

How do I get my granite to shine again
Maintaining the cleanliness of your countertops can be quite demanding. Nevertheless, perfectly clean countertops are indispensable for functioning normally around the kitchen, as well as enjoying its interior. To save you a lot of hassle, pre-eminent maid services can show you how to get squeaky clean countertops.

Check out these compelling reasons why you need a clean house. You will then be on the right track to doing housework with limited time and feel inspired to make your hardwood floors shine.

How do you keep countertops shiny?

There are various types of countertop materials, and each of them has distinct properties. Accordingly, cleaning them will entail using specific procedures.


For light stains and usual cleaning, washing the countertops with warm water and soap will suffice. A sponge with a textured fiber on one side will come in handy, and a toothbrush will make light work of the seams.

For stubborn filth, use a paste of vinegar and baking soda. Mix it well, apply it to the stains, and let it rest for 5 minutes. Rub gently with a sponge until the stains are eliminated.


Marble can be quite tricky to clean, given that it’s ultra-sensitive to acid. Ingredients such as vinegar, lemon and tomato juice, or wine pose a major threat to its surface. To wash your marble countertop safely, you should employ a phosphate-free dish detergent, along with warm water, and a sponge.

To get rid of more difficult stains and grease, add some borax to the countertop, warm water, and rub with a sponge. Rinse, and dry with a soft cloth.

Stainless steel

Stain and grease build up can be particularly troublesome here, as it can lead to dulling and damage to the finish. Your best bet is to sprinkle baking soda and spread it across the surface with a damp sponge. Don’t forget to rinse, and dry it off with a soft cloth.

In case of tough stains and water marks, follow the same method, only instead of baking soda, use vinegar.

How do I get my granite to shine again?

How do you keep countertops shiny
Owing to granite’s useful properties and its special flair, it’s the most popular choice for countertops. Therefore, cleaning and shining it needs to be done with great care.


This is how you set the stage for the in-depth cleaning to follow. You either go for soapy water and sponge or a 50:50 solution of water and isopropyl alcohol. Just don’t use acidic products, since they can dull the surface and weaken the sealing.

Remove stains

You can use a potent paste of water and baking soda here as well. Just add the mixture on top of the countertop, and keep rubbing with a soft cloth. If some stains persist even after several attempts, apply the paste directly onto the stains, cover with plastic wrap, and tape down the edges. Wait for the paste to dry, which may take up to two days. Remove the cover, clean the countertop with a soft cloth, and rinse with warm water.


Pour just a few drops of cooking oil on your countertops, spread it around with a soft cloth, and the granite will immediately begin to sparkle.

First-rate maid services you can count on

Just like any type of housework, cleaning countertops requires both time and dedication. However, in today’s world, you have other pressing matters that demand your undivided attention. So, leave the countertops and your other cleaning to the meticulous professionals Maid Easy can match you with.

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