What Does a Move-In Cleaning Consist Of?

by marcus_s

What Does a Move-In Cleaning Consist Of?

There are many factors to take into consideration when moving in, starting with the first day of your lease, to the actual day you move in all your belongings. If you are wondering what is included in a move-in cleaning, you’re in the right place.

You can book move in cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ from the best cleaning service, and forget about the stress. But there’s more! To learn what is a must for a move-out cleaning  keep an eye out for our following blog post.

How clean should an apartment be before moving in?

Cleaning during a move-in period can prove to be somewhat challenging. Besides the general cleaning of the place, which is obviously necessary, some other tasks should be carried out as well, in the days between your first lease day and the move-in day. Remember to check faucets, appliances and other things, and fix anything that needs fixing before your final move-in.

One of the greatest things about moving into a new apartment or house is this: the empty space. Without all your stuff getting in the way, the thorough cleaning will be easier than ever in your new home. You should make the most out of this advantage, creating the bright and neat home you always wanted. Get rid of all the annoying dirt and particles affecting your home’s indoor air quality, and allow yourself a fresh start.

How do you do a moving in cleaning?

Here are some basic tips and steps to follow for your move-in cleaning:

Make a before move-in cleaning checklist

Tasks which should be included in every before move-in cleaning checklist are: vacuuming and/or steam cleaning of carpets, bathtub and toilet cleaning, wiping down surfaces, checking vents and air filter, checking faucets for leaks, checking the refrigerator and freezer. It’s important to open the windows and let the fresh air in.

Make an after move-in cleaning checklist

Once you are settled in with your things in place, knowing that movers won’t spread any more dirt in the apartment, a more detailed after move-in cleaning becomes necessary. This checklist should include: dusting, wiping down and sanitizing surfaces, vacuuming, mopping non-carpet floors, washing windows and mirrors, cleaning your appliances (oven, microwave, dishwasher).

Begin with the ceiling

It’s definitely a good idea to begin your deep cleaning from the top, as anything that might fall down while you clean will be taken care of later in the process. Make sure to include the dusting of the ceiling corners, overhead lights and the ceiling fan in your cleaning checklist. Once you’re done with the ceiling, you can move on to walls, baseboards and finish with the floors.

Start at the side of the room that’s opposite to the doors

Not only should you clean from top to bottom, but also working towards the door. This is imperative when cleaning the floor, so you don’t leave the dust from your house-cleaning shoes all over the freshly vacuumed and mopped surface as you walk out of the room.

Disinfect the bathroom

Kill the germs! Anything you touch in your new place has been touched countless times by the previous occupants. Disinfection is a must, and perhaps the bathroom is the place to start. Here’s a tip how to efficiently disinfect your new bathtub: scrub thoroughly with a sponge soaked in dish soap. You could also use a mixture of baking soda, borax and kosher salt to scrub, if you want to avoid heavy chemicals.

Destroy the germs

The bathroom isn’t the only place full of germs you need to get rid of. Make sure to disinfect everything from knobs, locks, handles, countertops to light switches etc. When it comes to the toilet, it’s best to replace the toilet seat, rather than trying to sterilize it.

In the end, if all of this seems a bit too much, you can always hire pros to help.

The supreme move in cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ will brighten your day

Professional cleaners know what they’re doing, so you can relax and let them take care of the cleaning for you. Moving can be extremely stressful, and it’s completely understandable wanting to take a break. Wouldn’t it be nice to catch a game at the Scottsdale Stadium, and have fun for a change?

Maid Easy is here to help! We’ll send the most reliable, friendly and capable cleaning experts your way. They’ll make your home sparkling clean, for this, we offer a 200% satisfaction guarantee. Book today and prepare to be amazed by the results!

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