The Top Guide to Eliminating Germs from Your Home

by marcus_s

The Top Guide to Eliminating Germs from Your Home

Naturally, to get an immaculate home, you need to deal with dirty dishes, stained furniture, dusty walls, and any other filth you can see. However, there is still the invisible threat that you need to handle, and it comes in the form of countless vicious germs. Eliminating them goes a long way in preserving your well-being.

To that end, the leading maid service near you will shed light on the most effective germ removal methods for your home. Additionally, your reliable cleaners have even more tips that’ll surely come in handy: find out how to remove couch stains, check out the best way to clean upholstery, and see that keeping your home spotless even with pets is possible!

How do I disinfect my house from the flu?

How do I disinfect my house from the flu
When tackling flu germs, there’s no need to cover every inch of your house. Just focus on areas where the germs are most likely to settle, and you should be safe. These high-touch surfaces include:

  • Remote controls
  • Doorknobs
  • Computers
  • Faucets 
  • Phones
  • Tables
  • Stuffed animals
  • Sheets, blankets, and towels

As regards the cleaning procedure, spray 3% hydrogen peroxide onto the objects, and let it rest for at least two minutes. Wipe it with a paper towel or a microfiber cloth, but don’t use sponges since they can spread the flu to other areas.

You can also go for a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar. It is both safe to use and quite potent.

How long do cold and flu viruses live on a surface?

First, a distinction should be made between how long cold and flu viruses remain alive on a surface, and how long they remain contagious. In general, cold viruses can live on indoor surfaces for up to seven days. However, the risk of contracting a cold virus reduces dramatically after 24 hours although the germs stay contagious for a few days longer.

As for flu viruses, they are much less durable and typically remain infectious for up to a day. However, they can survive on a tissue for only 15 minutes. Afterward, their numbers drop to a very low point, making hand transmission less likely.

How long do flu germs live on bedding?

Your bedding can be contaminated with the flu virus for up to 24 hours. During this period, it is easily contracted, and you should be careful when stripping it down for disinfection. You will need to carry it to your washing machine, but do it by putting it in a laundry hamper, rather than hugging it all the way to the washer.

Should I wash my sheets after being sick?

Should I wash my sheets after being sick
After you have spent several days lying in your bed due to sickness, the sheets will invariably be home to a large number of germs, and a lot of sweat. So yes, you should definitely wash them to prevent infecting another person. To do so, put them in your washer, and if the manufacturer label allows it, use the hottest cycle. How water will easily eradicate all the germs on your sheets.

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