Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink: The Ideal Strategy

by marcus_s

Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink: The Ideal Strategy

How often should I clean my kitchen sinkOut of all the kitchen elements, your kitchen sink is the one you probably use most frequently. Whether you are doing the dishes or cooking a delicious meal for your family, it is always a part of your routine. So, it is crucial to maintain its cleanliness, and top-tier Chandler house cleaning pros have some fantastic tips on how to get a perfectly clean kitchen sink you can implement right now!

Additionally, be sure to go through our straightforward tips for cleaning the kitchen to keep the rest of the room in immaculate condition. If you’re also interested in what maid services include, and why you should hire cleaning professionals, you’ve come to the right place!

How often should you clean your kitchen sink?

When people decide to remove germs from their house and make it healthy and suitable for their family, they usually focus on their bathroom, thinking that it’s where all those nasty microorganisms emerge from. While this is somewhat accurate, there are some areas and objects in your home which can become even more heavily infested. This holds true especially for the kitchen sink. According to various pieces of research, it can be home to more bacteria than your average toilet bowl, so cleaning it often is essential. But the question is, how often?

When and how to clean the sink

To prevent germs from settling in your kitchen sink, you should clean the sides and the bottom at least once a week. On top of that, it is recommended that you give your sink a deep clean and unclog the drain at least once a month. Not only will this help remove health hazards, but it will also ensure the functionality of your sink.

In some other situations, you should clean your sink more regularly. For example, if you have been handling raw meat, or scrubbing potatoes, you should clean the sink immediately. Doing so, you will eliminate any possibility of dangerous bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella developing in your kitchen.

Don’t forget the sponge

One last thing worth mentioning is your sponge. It is actually the germiest item in your house, and since it is usually located near your sink, you should clean it thoroughly as well. Every 2-3 days, place it into boiling water for 2 minutes and put in in the microwave for another 2 minutes to dry it off. When it starts to deteriorate, make sure to replace it to avoid health risks.

How do I disinfect my kitchen sink with bleach?

Even though it might seem difficult to get rid of such a large number of germs from your kitchen sink, there are a few viable solutions that can definitely come in handy. The most effective approach is using chlorine bleach. It can be used for a wide array of purposes and is known for its potency when dealing with bacteria. For this reason, bleach should be your first choice to disinfect your sink, and this is how to do it:

  • Tidy up your sink: In order to have a proper working area, you need to move all the objects (glasses, plates, etc.) from the kitchen sink so that they don’t get in the way during the process.
  • Apply water and dish soap: Use a microfiber cloth to spread water and soap across the sink. Keep scrubbing until all the stains and filth are gone, as this will set the stage for the bleach to do the rest.
  • Stop the drain and fill it with cold water: You cannot pour bleach into an empty sink, because it won’t achieve the desired effect. It needs to have an ideal substance to react to, and water is perfect on this occasion.
  • Add bleach: Add about a cupful of bleach per gallon of water, and let the mixture rest for five minutes. While the bleach is doing its job, you can clean your faucet with a cloth dipped in the bleach solution.
  • Drain and wipe: Let the water flow out, and use a sponge to wipe the area before letting it air dry.
  • Refresh: Once the sink has dried off, add a few drops of lemon or olive oil into it and wipe the entire surface. This will bring the cleaning procedure to an end and give your kitchen sink a fresh look.

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