5 Genius Tips To Boost Your Cleaning Motivation!

by marcus_s

5 Genius Tips To Boost Your Cleaning Motivation!

Motivation can be hard to find at times, and it is especially challenging to do your cleaning chores when you’re not in the mood. However, once you start, everything will become easier.

Do you need a push? Follow these tips, and you’ll be cleaning sooner than you think!

Tip #1. Find a reason to clean

Setting a goal is a secret recipe for motivating yourself because it can be a driving force toward success. However, picking a random goal won’t help you that much. You’ll need to work for something meaningful to you.

Here’s an example: Invite your friends over. You’ll want your place to be comfy for them, so you’ll urge yourself to clean before they arrive. If the mess is too much, you can schedule the visit for a date that will give you enough time for cleaning.

Tip #2. Keep your chores simple

Dealing with a messy place can be as easy as dividing the work into small areas. If you tackle one chore at a time, you’ll feel like you’re making progress, even if you’re still far from over.

So, instead of doing all your cleaning duties in one day, distribute them throughout the week! Less pressure will make you feel a lot better when cleaning.

Tip #3. Make cleaning more enjoyable

Besides being challenging to tackle, tedious tasks quickly become boring—and nobody enjoys doing dull things. However, you can counter that boredom pretty easily.

Playing your favorite tunes can turn a rather dull cleaning session into a fun time. Try picking upbeat music, which will boost positive feelings when doing your chores. Also, you can make cleaning sessions interesting and more productive by listening to a podcast or an audiobook.

Tip #4. Set cleaning breaks

Instead of having downtime between cleaning sessions, take breaks from your recreation time. It may sound crazy, but it can be an effective solution.

For example, if you’re binge-watching a series, take 10 minutes between episodes to clean something. If you are lost in the sea of cat videos on YouTube or endlessly scrolling through Instagram posts, set a number of videos/posts before taking your 10-minute cleaning break.

Doing so will prevent cleaning from becoming a slog, and you won’t feel guilty since you’ll be going slow but steady.

Tip #5. Reward yourself

Sometimes, the thought of a clean place isn’t enough to get up and get to work. How can you solve that? Easy! Picking something you’ve longed for and making it a reward for your hard work can give you the motivation you need.

Nothing will prevent you from claiming your prize before finishing, so it could be hard to commit. However, make an effort and deal with it by tying the cleaning to the reward.

One example is making the bed at the very end of your cleaning session if watching TV depends on having somewhere comfy and tidy to lie down—way more rewarding!

Extra tip: let somebody else help you with the mess

At Maid Easy, we understand that cleaning a messy place can be overwhelming, so why don’t you let us help you with that? From standard to deep cleaning services, we have the right package to cover all your cleaning needs. Book now!

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