Why Should You Work with Maid Easy?

Excellent Income

Earn up to $35 - $45 / hr. + tips and bonuses as a cleaner! Our top-performing professionals can make more than $1000 per week.

Easy Payments

With direct deposit, you get paid every week. That’s right, every week!

Work When You Want

With a flexible schedule and hours, you can take on a full-schedule or tackle a few side jobs to earn some extra income. We even have work on weekends too!

What We're Looking For In a Professional Cleaner

Maid Easy is a locally owned professional cleaning company based in Phoenix, Arizona. What makes Maid Easy different from other cleaning services? Our customers are able to book and manage home cleaning services throughout the Phoenix Metro Area – online, 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, no in-home estimate required.


Job Description
Maid Easy is currently looking for independent and experienced cleaning professionals, as well as small cleaning teams to provide cleaning services on residential homes and short-term rentals. We are looking for cleaners that are dependable, on-time and will be able to provide quality cleaning services that exceed our customers’ standards and expectations.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Perform cleaning services for residential homes such as standard cleanings, deep-cleanings and move-in/move-out cleanings
  • Perform cleaning services for vacation rental cleanings, including laundering
  • Travel from site to site (at least 2-3 sites per day throughout the Phoenix Metro Area)
  • Occasionally perform cleaning services for corporate housing and commercial buildings
  • Work with our dispatch team to successfully complete cleaning jobs, while maintaining high customer satisfaction



  • At least one year paid house cleaning experience is required
  • MUST be able to use a smartphone and daily access to the internet, a mobile phone, and reliable transportation
  • Ability to follow detailed instructions as well as company policies and procedures
  • General knowledge of cleaning products, supplies, and techniques for cleaning
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Strong attention to detail, organized and able to follow a schedule
  • English speaking – (ok if you have a partner who speaks a different native language)
  • Providing your own cleaning equipment and supplies is a plus
  • Access to a cleaning partner and/or cleaning team is a plus
  • Must be authorized to work in the US and must pass a background check


What We Offer

  • Average earnings per cleaner of $35 to $45/hr + 100% tips – cleaning teams are paid a flat rate based on job type, square footage, and add-ons
  • Steady work (including Saturday)
  • Flexible hours – cleanings are scheduled Monday – Saturday between 8 am and 4 pm
  • Opportunity to increase client base
  • Weekly pay via direct deposit
  • Work independently as a contractor
  • Great support from our Dispatch Team


Apply here:

Job Types: Contract, Commission

Salary: $35.00 to $45.00 /hour

Even More Perks and Benefits

Steady Income

If a customer loves you, they’ll keep you around. Earn consistent income with regular customers, still built around your schedule.


We believe we are rated 5-Star because we put our team and customers first. Find out why our cleaners consistently say we’re one of the best companies they’ve worked for.

Rapid Response
and Great Support

With our responsive dispatch team, we will make sure your questions are answered immediately, whenever, wherever. You’re never alone on your cleaning jobs.

On the Go

Our mobile app makes checking in and out of jobs fast and easy. Get lost or can’t get into a customer’s home? Just use our app to call the customer directly for help.

Fast-growing Company

Grow with us and keep your schedule busy with as many jobs as you can handle.

Get Out and Move

If you love to clean and want to stay active and busy while making great money, Maid Easy just may be the answer!

What Teams Say About Working With Maid Easy

Everyone is great; very easy to work with! Love Bridgett..easy to work with and takes time to appreciate the struggles from the cleaner perspective which is critical to ensure you [are] dependable and consistent.

- Christina G.

Maid Easy staff is very friendly, understanding and always tries to work with me.

- Linda P.

The dispatch has great communication and is always helpful.

- Michelle M.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re Maid Easy, a local, Phoenix based residential cleaning service that has been in operation since 2017. We’re not a national company or a big franchise. We’re run by regular people – mom and pop. Arizona born and raised. Feel free to Google us, we’re highly rated on Yelp, too. We encourage you to look us up!

No, think of this like one of those popular ride sharing apps with the name that sounds like “Ooo-ber”. You have your own car, insurance, and cleaning supplies and we send you jobs. But we pay a heck of a lot more than them. We’re pretty confident you’ll be making much more than you’re currently making: $35 to 45 per hour, plus tips, and we even give bonuses for online reviews.

No, you’re not paying for leads that may or may not be ready to buy, or are looking for steep discounts. You actually don’t pay anything with us. We send you as many jobs as you can handle in the service area you choose, and pay you very well for them.

No, Takl™ costs money, we don’t charge anything. Check Handy™ to see how much they pay for cleaning jobs in our area, and come back to see how much we pay for similar jobs and you’ll see the difference! Our teams average between $35 to $45 dollars per hour on jobs, and sometimes more. And that’s not even including tips!

No, this isn’t a directory where you pay money to list your business with the hope that you will get leads. We don’t charge you, it’s actually the opposite. We pay you to go work on our jobs. Just like every other cleaning company in Phoenix, we have a ton of jobs and we need cleaners to go tackle them.

Our contractors earn between $35 and $45 dollars per hour on average, and sometimes more. They also get to keep any tips they get. We pay a flat rate that’s determined by the scope of the work, size of the client’s home, and extra services the client requests. Check out our rate sheet to view the pay for some of our most popular jobs.

We pay our contractors on a weekly basis. You would get paid the following Friday for all work completed Sunday through Saturday of the previous week.

Long story short, we verify your work with every customer. As a business owner, you’re used to getting paid once the job is complete, especially because you have to pay your workers, right? We completely understand. However, you don’t have to completely fill your schedule with our bookings, you can still clean for your own customers that pay the same day. And if you need to fill any gaps in your schedule or you just want to earn a little more for this week, you know you have some big deposits coming in the following week. So it’s like icing on the cake! And after you get past the first week, it’s weekly deposits hitting every Friday like clockwork.

We got ‘em if you want ‘em. But they are not required. Your schedule will be flexible, so you can set it the way it suits you.

We prefer working with cleaning specialists who bring their own tools and products. This way, you’re already familiar with the supplies and know-how to use them properly and to good effect. We do have a list of recommended supplies and equipment—you can check it out here.

So you may be used to doing in-home estimates before you take on any jobs. At Maid Easy we allow our customers to book online 24-7, and we place a pre-verification call for each booking to make sure the home is in workable condition. While most people are honest, ever so often a tiny fraction of people slip through the cracks. 

This is why we have our walkthrough app. Feel free to use our app to complete your walkthrough and send us a report when you arrive. Our friendly dispatch team will handle communication with the customer. We can fill your schedule with a replacement job, easy peasy.

We are growing fast because we’re great at customer service, handling complaints, and scheduling. But to keep up with demand, we need cleaning professionals like you. We work with independent contractors and other local cleaning companies to send work. You don’t have to deal with billing, customer service, credit card fees, complaints, cancelations, bad reviews, spending money on ads, or looking for work. You do what you do best, and we handle the rest.

We take all applications on our website. You can apply by pressing one of the blue “apply now” buttons on this page. You can submit your application by entering your information in a simple form—a few clicks and you’re done! And it won’t take more than a few minutes.

We’ll go over your application to see if you could be the right fit for Maid Easy. We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. If you meet our requirements, you’ll be invited to attend an online info session where you’ll learn how it is to work with us, what our jobs are like, and get an opportunity to ask some questions.

After that if you or your team think you have what it takes to work with us, we’ll have a quick 1 on 1 interview to get to know you better. And we’ll invite you aboard.

Interviews take place over the phone. We’ll go over a few questions about your work style, customer service, and quality delivery—and we’ll even open the floor for you to ask any questions you have of us.

This isn’t a typical interview, it’s more of a conversation. We understand that different companies have different styles of working, we just want to be sure yours is a match with Maid Easy customers.

Nothing special. Just bring yourself and a positive attitude.

Our Requirements

  • A minimum of 1-2 years of professional residential cleaning experience (Hotel & VRBO is OK)
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • A Smartphone with internet access
  • Non-toxic cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment
  • At least one team member able to speak and read English fluently
  • Willing and able to pass a background check