Pet policy

by maideasyaz - July 4, 2017

We do provide multiple add-on services for homes with pets. First, we offer an add-on service for pets. In homes with pets, our cleaning professionals often must make multiple passes while vacuuming carpets, and also clean the vacuum filter more regularly. Additionally, our professionals will remove pet hair and dander from corners, crevices, under and in-between cushions. Lastly, our professionals remove pet hair and dander from furniture, surfaces, and appliances — before wiping, cleaning and or polishing. This add-on does not require us to clean urine, pet messes, and empty litter boxes.


Note: Depending on the duration and nature of the pet mess, certain carpets, if stained by pets, may require a specialist to perform clean-up. Additionally, certain urine if left untreated may eventually soak through the carpet into the baseboards and cause odors even after cleaning. If you think this may be the case, we highly recommend you contact a specialist.


We understand that you love your pets, however, we’re aware that certain pets may display erratic, aggressive or territorial behavior. If you believe this may be the case with your pets, we ask that you make pet accommodations on the day of your appointment. For our safety and the safety of your pets, if our professionals sense that your pet feels threatened, this may slow or completely disrupt the cleaning altogether. If we have to reschedule the cleaning due to pet safety related issues we will charge you a fee equal to 20% of the cost of the canceled service.